Studio 6 Photography

Studio 6 responded to timely contemporary issues supporting students in making works that embraced speculative visions and deconstructed cultural and political myth-making. It also forecast new contemporary photographic subjectivities.

You will need at least a 9-12 ft wide space for headshots, 3/4-length portraits and full-body portraits. You will also need some extra room for your lighting and backdrops.


Our 2000 square foot studio is perfect for large product photography, beauty, fashion and celebrity portrait shoots.

Our software allows for a highly productive workflow by determining required image views in advance of photography and loading them into the software. This saves time for the photographer and eliminates a cumbersome spreadsheet or database that is often used to record and monitor images.

Our child and family photography sessions are a wonderful way to preserve your memories. We also provide small business services including products, headshots and website photos. Click the photo to learn more. We can be hired to travel to your location or ours for a wedding, event or corporate headshots. Click the photo to learn more. Fine art framing and print services available for our photographic artwork and prints.


A wedding day is one of the most special days in a person’s life. It’s a time to make memories that will last forever, and capturing them with the right photographer is crucial. Ask family and friends for recommendations or search online to find a studio that offers wedding packages. Then, ask to see a sample portfolio before making a final decision.

Shak and Isabella have years of experience shooting weddings, which means they understand the idiosyncrasies of this remarkable occasion. Their team is dedicated to producing consistent quality and meaning with their images, helping you remember every treasured moment on your big day.


All kinds of businesses need high-quality images for their online presence and marketing. People love their pets, so offer them a safe place to get high-quality portraits of them. Many pet owners have a hard time finding a photographer who is animal-friendly, so this can be a great source of business for your photography studio.

Studio 6 offers a variety of sessions and services for families, children, high school seniors, weddings, and business. Capture the fleeting moments of your family’s life with a once in a lifetime photo session. Studio Six also offers product/advertising and professional headshots. Click the photos to learn more. Studio Six serves clients in the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding suburbs. Book your session today! Click the photo to get started.

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